It all started as a hobby.

That is, until Tzivia Bodner realized that her pastime had become her passion, and so she set out to make it a career.

In 1985, Tzivia completed her studies in interior design and started to work at the Blue House Design Center. At the time, the company’s team was made up of three professionals, a building engineer, a building contractor and Tzivia the inhouse interior designer.

One of her first projects was designing a two bedroom home for the family of a prominent public figure in Jerusalem. In that relatively small space, Tzivia set out to create a design where sleeping, work, and play all had their clearly defined spaces.

After a few similarly successful projects, Tzivia moved on to open her own business in 1987.

Since then, Tzivia’s focus has been on residential projects—from small apartments, to individual private homes, as well as small residential complexes. Throughout her career, Tzivia has aided in designing and planning entire homes from start to finish, renovating existing residences, and in building extensions.

Tzivia’s designs reflect each client’s desires, applying their needs and aesthetic tastes to ultra-practical design features and layouts. Tzivia has worked on kitchens, bathrooms, living space, bedrooms and even home theaters and pools. In recent years, Tzivia has added to her already-stunning portfolio some more meaningful projects, as well. These include adapting homes to those with physical disabilities.

Her signature style can also be found in synagogues, a hotel, medical facility, dental & optometry clinics, a wedding hall, and offices in Jerusalem, and a few other areas of the country, as well.

In additional to designing the projects, Tzivia invests time and effort to work with her clients personally, aiding them in selecting materials, colors and furnishings. She also oversees the workmanship of contractors, carpenters until each project is complete.

Tzivia has also invested time giving lectures to aspiring interior designers on the unique requirements of the religious Jewish home, like how to plan for separate dairy and meat sections, and even Pesach sections, in the kitchen.

Today Tzivia is considered one of Jerusalem’s leading interior designers.

Tzivia has personally mentored many budding interior designer, guiding them in attaining professional independence, and to do as she
has done—turn a passion into a career that impacts people’s lives.

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